A trust worthy and experienced partner

Northern Energy & Supply specialize in the provision of oil and lubricants and in performing supply operations for the shipping industry.

Our mission is to provide reliable and efficient services at sea, every day. This allows us to develop a strong and stable company.

We strive to be efficient, flexible and trust worthy and we always have our customer’s best interest in heart. What we say is what we do, every day.

Our history in brief

A part of Northern Energy & Supply was originally founded in 1904 at Donsö – Gothenburg. The company has long experience from the shipping industry and we understand the importance of adding value to our customers. Today, several hundred million gallons later our company still runs by the third and fourth generations. The spread of experience and fresh thinking allows us to develop in a strong and positive way.

Northern group

We serve the shipping industry

With more than 100 years’ experience in the business of lubricants, bunker trading, specialized transportation and offshore services, our group includes several companies active in various marine segments.

Together with Northern Offshore Services, which specialize in safe and reliable transportation of personnel and equipment to the offshore industry, we are the Northern Group. N-E-S stands as a significant market actor on the global shipping market with focus on the northern Europe area.

This broad base is one of the group’s main strengths. It means we have extensive experience in understanding just how important it is to supply services of the highest standard at the right time.

With flexible vessels and high quality products, we strive to be efficient, flexible and trust worthy. These values are our strength.