We have all the products you need, ready for delivery direct from our own depots.

Northern Energy & Supply is the local marine distributor of ExxonMobil lubricants in Sweden. ExxonMobil is well known for its high quality products, top support and service.

To ensure the high quality and level of service that we demand in our operations, we have invested in our own depots. Northern Energy & Supply has been active in the bunker trading and lubricants sector for many years.

Offshore Bulk Supply of Lubrications

We provide the complete logistic solution!

Northern Energy & Supply is a devoted supplier to you that provides the offshore service of bulk lubrication oil in Skaw and Gothenburg region. Northern Energy & Supply are proud to present this service for our business partners.

MV SUPPLIER have a capacity of total 45 tons and in addition to the bulk volume, we are able to handle extra products onboard upon request. With our supply vessels and storing location located in Gothenburg we are nearby located to the production sites of the main manufactures such as ExxonMobil, Castrol, Shell, Chevron etc.

With a containerized tank solution, we are able to meet demands for small as well as large requests for supply of lubrication oil. We are able to deliver 24 cubic meters in one to three different grades. In order to ease the handling process of the lubrication oil for our clients we are able to offer a solution where we handle the oil all the way from production and until the products are delivered onboard. With the strategic location of our main warehouse located in Gothenburg next to our supply vessels we are able to be at the right place in right time. You order the oil and we provide the complete logistic solution.

We seek to gain your confidence in our ability by being innovative, flexible and delivering 365 days per year.



With a solid company like ExxonMobil, we are able to offer premium quality lubricating oils, short lead times and a high level of service to both new and old customers alike. We also have the expertise to help you to find alternatives to your existing lubricants using Mobil’s unique knowledge bank and experts.We offer a wide range of products, including lubricating oil, greases, glycol, etc., from all leading lubricating brands for the marine market.